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Our Simple R.S.V.P. Process

Step One
Include a website link on your invitations to a customized R.S.V.P. form created based on your preferences.

Step Two
Your guest visits your online R.S.V.P. form and completes it in minutes or can call the R.S.V.P. phone line.

Step Three
We call and/or email anyone who has not responded and send you a final list.

The top downfalls to planning an event is wasted money and stress.

At Stress Free R.S.V.P. we want to help with both of those things.

When it comes to planning events, getting R.S.V.P.’s back gives your caterers and/or party planners an accurate count.

When people don’t send back their R.S.V.P. it can create a stressful situation for you to try to figure out the right numbers, but it can also result in sometimes thousands of wasted dollars!

At Stress Free R.S.V.P. our goal is to take the stress out of the equation and take away the unpredictability that comes with unanswered R.S.V.P.’s.

Delegate that stress to us!

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Customized R.S.V.P.

You have enough to worry about for your special day,
let us handle the stressful stuff with STRESS FREE R.S.V.P.

We can customize your R.S.V.P. form to fit your individual event.

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